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Christian Interests

Book reviews by Ray

MPPC Life in the Kingdom small group resources

These are resources used in a small home group that I participate in. The group is associated with the adult singles ministries of MPPC (Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, Menlo Park, California), www.mppc.org

Answers to "Tough Questions" by Dallas Willard

On December 13–14, 2009, Prof. Willard responded to over 40 "tough questions" that had been submitted to MPPC on all kinds of subjects, including pain and suffering, science and faith, etc.—the sorts of questions that are seldom asked at most churches. This was part of a multi-week series on "Can Smart People Believe in God?" by John Ortberg at MPPC. You can view the video on the MPPC website.

Transcript of lecture by Prof. Willard on Spiritual Transformation (March 17, 2009 meeting)

Spiritual Transformation: pdf (From a series of lectures on The Divine Conspiracy available in video from Teleios.)

Handout on "The Greatness of Jesus" (February 18, 2009 meeting)

The Greatness of Jesus: doc, pdf

Renovare logoDallas Willard video on YouTube

Renovare USA has posted a 70-minute-long video by Prof. Willard on YouTube. The talk, entitled No Longer Alone with God as Jesus in the Eternal Kingdom - NOW, was one of Prof. Willard's general session talks at the 2005 Renovare International Conference, "The With-God Life: The Dynamics of Scripture for Christian Spiritual Transformation." This video can be purchased (along with many other excellent Christian living resources) from the Renovare online store.

Video of No Longer Alone with God as Jesus in the Eternal Kingdom - NOW:

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

Jesus' "I AM" statements

(For our January 15, 2009 meeting) This is a list of most of the "I am" statements made by Jesus as found in the NASB version. It was unexpectedly interesting to read through them one after another.

The "I AM" statements of Jesus

Dallas Willard talk transcripts

I made these transcripts from the audio CDs available from www.renovare.org for use in my home group. Listening to the talks on CD is wonderful, but it is also very helpful to have print versions of them for study and reflection.

Dallas Willard slides and handouts from various talks

  • Healing the Heart is a multi-part talk series by Prof. Willard given at Valley Vineyard Church in Reseda, California. It is available on both CD and DVD from the Valley Vineyard bookstore. Slides can be seen in the DVD video. I've tried to reconstruct them, more or less faithfully, as they appear in the video:
    • Color version: ppt, pdf
    • Black-and-white version: ppt, pdf (better for printing; uses far less ink on inkjet printers)
  • The Kingdom of God teaching series (eight talks) was given at First Presbyterian Church in Hollywood, California, in April–May 1990. The audio talks are available on CD from www.renovare.org. References to a handout are made in the talks. In 2006 I contacted Renovare to see if copies of the handout were available. Becky Heatley kindly took the time to find it:
    • Kingdom of God teaching series handout: pdf, txt, doc

Paraphrase of 1 Corinthians 13 from The Divine Conspiracy

“Love suffers long and is kind.  Love does not envy. Love does not exalt itself, is not vain, does not do stupid things, is not acquisitive, is not easily irritated, does not dwell on what is bad. Love is not happy because of evil but rejoices in what is true. Love holds up under anything, has confidence in everything, hopes no matter what, and puts up with everything imaginable.”

—Dallas Willard, The Divine Conspiracy, p. 105

Other useful resources

Authors and speakers

These are authors and speakers that have been particularly useful to me.

  • Norm Geisler (many useful apologetics texts)
  • Os Guinness (The Call: Finding and Fulfilling the Central Purpose of Your Life)
  • C.S. Lewis (many books; especially God in the Dock and Miracles)
  • Becky Pippert (Out of the Saltshaker)
  • Dallas Willard (Hearing God; Spirit of the Disciplines; The Divine Conspiracy; Healing the Heart; and The Great Omission)


There is an enormous number of Christian-related websites. Here are a few that I keep coming back to, over and over.

  • www.biblegateway.com — An online Bible site. Multiple translations in multiple languages.
  • www.dwillard.org — Dallas Willard's website. Contains links to many of Prof. Willard's articles on both Christianity and philosophy and links to audio and video recordings featuring him. A wonderful resource.
  • www.reasonablefaith.org — William Lane Craig's apologetics website. Contains podcasts, apologetics training, extensive Q&A section. Another wonderful resource with in-depth, thoughtful responses to tough questions.
  • www.renovare.org — Renovare's Christian spiritual formation website. Contains resources, information about upcoming Renovare conferences and events, and their online store which has many excellent books, CDs, and DVDs. Audio and video recordings from many of their past conferences are available.
  • Peter Falk as Columbowww.str.org — Stand to Reason, Greg Koukl's apologetics- and ambassador- training website. Extensive resources on how to be a well-spoken, thoughtful, and courteous ambassador (cf. 2 Cor 5:20) in a world that is not our home, based on Mr. Koukl's many years of of experience taking questions on his Sunday afternoon call-in radio show. I doubt there's any Christian-related question he hasn't heard before. Focus is on critical issues, based on Jesus' call to love each other. Includes training DVDs, CDs, and books. Never heard of the Columbo tactic? You will have, after visiting here.



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